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Season’s Greetings from Renetech

december 21, 2018  |   Blog   |  

From all of us at Renetech to all of you - Merry Christmas, God Jul, Veselé Vianoce, Eid milad saeid, Krismasi ya furaha, Chag Sameach, etc etc. We wish you the best for the New Year and look forward to work with you in 2019.

renewables as part of ESG investing

november 22, 2018  |   Blog   |  

Today, Renetech CTO David Bauner presented on the role of renewables - biofuels and other sustainable energy conversion based products and services - in responsible investment to an international bank and their clients. Location: Germany.

Green Transport in (East) Africa – SWEACC

november 07, 2018  |   Blog   |  

Yesterday, another interesting cluster meeting with Swedish-East African Chamber of Commerce (link to SWEACC homepage) was held, organized by Renetech CEO Tom Walsh in his role as cluster manager for the Green Cities Cluster of SWEACC. The fully booked meeting included presentations by Scania, Kommunivest and Telia. You can see more information about the meeting as well as pictures here (link to LinkedIn post by Joakim Davidsson). Be sure to check out the new video on Scanias recently announced ambition to drive the development of sustainable fuels here (link to Scania video).

Renetech assigned Biomass-to-Energy project team leader role

november 01, 2018  |   Blog   |  

Renetech has begun executing a project where our CTO, Dr David Bauner, serves as Team Leader - Biomass expert in a national project to increase power production in a West African country. The task at hand is to identify high potential cases - as in commercial potential as well as additional power production - in the biomass industry sector and prepare detailed feasibility studies, including technical, financial and sustainability aspects. In this project, Dr Bauner's work is subcontracted to an Italian consultancy firm.

Renetech CEO in Kenyan project development talks

september 26, 2018  |   Blog   |  

Renetech CEO Tom Walsh and Gold Avenue Africa chairman discussing Solar energy projects in Nairobi, September 2018

New York Times looks at Swedish Waste-to-Energy

september 22, 2018  |   Blog   |  

In a recent article, the boons of Waste-to-Energy was highlighted. Renetech wholeheartedly supports the biogas industry and recycling, and half-heartedly support incineration since there in many cases are more sustainable ways to process un-recyclables.

The Kenya Charcoal NAMA submitted to NAMA Facility

augusti 07, 2018  |   Blog   |  

In 2016, Renetech CTO Bauner was appointed Renewable Energy Expert in a project commissioned by UNDP to develop Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMA) for the charcoal sector in Kenya. The project was managed by french consultancy company Eco-Act. As the report became available, the Kenyan Government directly submitted a request for funds for a NAMA Support Project (NSP) to execute the actions suggested in the Eco-Act report. Klick the link in red above for further information and to access the report and the NSP request.

Learn about the new African economic landscape in Brussels in October

augusti 06, 2018  |   Blog   |  

On 16-17 October 2018, there is an excellent opportunity for you to create your own map for interacting with the African continent. Africa Investia 2018 is held in Woluwe in the east of Brussels. With 6 percent economic growth, yet half a billion people who need better education, basic healthcare and electricity, it is a dynamic continent with endless opportunities - and risks, which means that if you are better informed, you can avoid pitfalls and craft a successful strategy. Click below for a link to the event: AFRICA INVESTIA 2018; MACROECONOMIC INSIGHTS INTO THE NEW AFRICA LANDSCAPE

Intern at Renetech

juni 05, 2018  |   Blog   |  

Ms Vedika Dadich from Madhya Pradesh in India is performing her internship at Renetech this month. Welcome Vedika! She focuses on Waste-to-Energy technology and market.

Master’s thesis at Renetech

maj 30, 2018  |   Blog   |  

Oscar Blanco from KTH is carrying out his thesis at Renetech in the coming months. His task is to develop a model for dimensioning a solar based cooking technology, and to contribute to design of some of the system components.