project development

Renetech develops projects in collaboration with technology providers, contractors, equity partners and local stakeholders.

Renetech services:

  • Development of renewable energy and resource recovery projects, with a focus on Bioenergy/biomass, Hydro and Solar (PV)

–Pre-feasibility and full/bankable Feasibility Studies

–Build, Design & Operate Services (see also Procurement below)

–Investment Support


  • Procurement management

–Energy provisions

–Process technology providers

–General contractors

–Contracts with plant equipment suppliers, local contractors & utilities

–Management of the procurement process

  • Executive management
  • Business plan / financial model/ profitability assessment
  • Fundraising support: Equity, Senior Debt, Donor, Carbon
  • Project Sustainability analysis
  • National Policy & Industrial Development

Renetech and its strategic partners have experience in the development of feasibility studies, funding, procurement, erection and operations of recovery units , transforming waste and residues often to multiple utilities such as power, heat and fertilizer. Further, the development of solar and hydropower resources take an increasing role in our portfolio. Our experience often comes to use regarding the full range of renewable energy conversion.

Two documents, describing our offer on waste-to-energy (WtE) and plastics-to-fuel (PtL) can be downloaded via the links below.



Renetech projects: Working in a tailored network, Renetech is analyzing and directing the supply and development of renewable energy; biomass (e.g. agri-residues and MSW) processing plants and their feedstock, hydropower, solar (PV), geothermal energy and others.