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Renetech signs #WeCanDoIt climate call for action.

oktober 16, 2023  |   Blog   |  

Renetech has signed as one of over a thousand petitioners, many of which dedicated to partake in the fight against climate change, moving away from a fossil-driven economy. Do you also see the need for increased action to rapidly phase out global fossil-fuel subsidies, and be part of cities and regions that have voluntarily joined the 'Race to Zero', led by the UN Climate Change High-level Champions? Go to .

Soaring global renewable energy investments

oktober 04, 2023  |   Blog   |  

Annual investment in renewable energy rose 22% last 6 months - an all-time record for any 6-month period, and at a phase well into the growth of renewables.,2023%20than%20in%20H1%202022