Here are relevant documents and links (reversed chronology) where renetech has contributed. Feel free to download (where applicable) and review.


Powering production. The case of the sisal fibre production in the Tanga region, Tanzania (2016)

David Bauner, CTO of Renetech, is co-author of the article together with Francesco Fuso Nerini (corresponding author), Antonio Andreonic, and Mark Howells. The article is published in

Energy Policy, Elsevier, Volume 98, November 2016, Pages 544–556

and can be found in the link below:


Renetech testing of Ivorian Cocoa Pod Husk at TÜBITAK in Turkey (2015)



Renewable energy markets in Tanzania (2012)
Renetech, together with Stockholm Environment Institute and UK consultant Jeremy Doyle described the situation and potential for renewable energy and energy efficiency in Tanzania on behalf of Sida (Sweden) and DfID (UK), focusing on market development. In a summary report, 18 projects for supply and demand of sustainable energy was proposed.


Since this report became available, spatial analysis, based on the 2012 Census and 2016 Tanzania Energy Access Situation Report,  has become available. See this example from WRI/TaTEDO.


Bioenergy for Sustainable Development and International Competitiveness; The Role of Sugar Cane in Africa (2012)

(Earthscan/Routledge, 2012)  Edited by Francis X. Johnson and Vikram Seebaluck

Renetech principals David Bauner and Tom Walsh were two of the forty-four authors of this comprehensive publication exploring a number of aspects on tropical sugarcane. David and Tom co-authored the chapter on investment.

Bioenergy for Sustainable Development and International Competitiveness


“Biofuels: A Guide for the Confused” (2010)

This publication was written by Stockholm Environment Institute (SIANI branch) and Renetech on behalf of Norwegian Peoples’ Aid (Norsk Folkehjelp), primarily for field staff and decision makers
involved in biofuel development. It assumes no previous or specialist knowledge
of biofuels in terms of their technical/engineering characteristics or biological/cultivation
aspects of biofuel feedstocks.

Biofuels: A Guide for the Confused