corporate values

Renetech has three key values that underpins all of its business activity:

  • Be Prepared: Renetech invests time and money in the preparation of its projects. This includes extensive consultation with stakeholders which can be investors, government agencies, customers etc. It is this value of being thoroughly prepared which builds the credibility of Renetech in the marketplace.

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  • Always Deliver: Due to the fact that the projects that Renetech undertake involve substantial investment; Renetech prides itself on always delivering a high quality result both for the shareholder, the customer and the environment.
  • Be Demanding: Renetech is operating in a high growth market where it has high expectations on its employees, suppliers and stakeholders. It is this method of open communication that allows Renetech to deliver on time and within budget.


Sustainability is a key criteria for all activities, including technology and process selection, feedstock provision, design, construction and operations. Renetech selects and creates projects where the process, input material and use of final products allows for the system created to operate sustainably, preferably with a view in excess of 500 years. To efficiently sustain operations, projects and processes where supply and demand are as local as feasible are preferred.

Renetech by default includes Resource Recovery elements as part of the scope in relation to Bioenergy development. Resource recovery in this context signifies the inclusion of the conversion of what is commonly referred to as ”biomass waste” into useful products as part of a bioenergy project. This is central to Renetech since in this way, the carbon footprint and the negative environmental impact of the biomass resource and conversion is minimized.