Alexander Korkovelos shortlisted for IHA Award

april 18, 2017  |   Blog   |    

Alex, who came to Renetech for his master thesis work in 2015, is (as one of three) shortlisted for the IHA (International Hydropower Association) Young Researchers Award, to be announced at the 2017 World Hydropower Congress in Addis Ababa, held on May 9-11.

Alexandros has been working on the technical assessment of small-scale hydropower (0.01 – 10 MW) in Sub-Saharan Africa, using open-source geospatial datasets.

It is the first time that the Congress will be held in Africa.

Renetech joins the supporting choir and hopes for his best in Addis. This blog entry will be updated after the final announcement.

Source: KTH-dESA CLEWs-News, April 2017