Bioenergy in Bolivia

mars 21, 2017  |   Blog   |    

MSc Engineer Saurav Kalita, in an internship with Renetech, performed a techno-economic study for small scale generation of power and briquettes from biomass for a case in Bolivia. The target area was a collection on communities on the fringes of the Bolivian Amazon forest. A CHP plant of 50 kW electric output and a briquetting facility of 200 kg/hour capacity were proposed.

The findings from the study suggest that briquetting combined with power from gasification of biomass is an favourable option for such projects. The selling price of briquettes is the major factor affecting the economic feasibility, as cost of power and fossil fuels are relatively very low in Bolivia.

The full report titled ‘Investigation of small scale power generation and briquette production from biomass, involving cases from Bolivia’ can be downloaded here for more comprehensive analysis.