Briquette making in Uganda – 10 years on

oktober 26, 2021  |   Blog   |    

Together with one of our long-term African partners, Fourways Group of Companies in Uganda, Renetech developed a solution to valorize agri-waste and other green waste (see the original project description here). Fourways, with economic support from its National Council for Science and Technology (UNCST) and the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (Tillväxtverket), have executed multi-year trials with equipment from Sweden and developed commercially viable value chains both using green waste as well as dedicated (grass) crop as feedstock. The former reverses eutrophication of the waterways, and the latter serves to fixate nitrogen in the soil while growing, and thus solves multiple problems in addition to reducing climate gas emissions by replacing fossil or non-sustainably sourced fuels with the bio-briquettes.

The picture shows drying of lake weeds.

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Renetech wishes Fourways the best of continued success, and look forward to continued collaboration.