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Music to your lungs

april 24, 2020  |   Blog   |  

The current pandemic calls for changed behavior. Several African artists have presented brilliant takes on what is needed from us all. Please enjoy their music (click on the links below) and do your part: Y'en a Marre, Senegal "Fagaru Ci Coronavirus" Bobi Wine, Uganda "Corona Virus Alert" the Liberian president George Weah "Coronavirus Song" Sho Madjozi, South Africa "Coronavirus Song" and last, but not least, the Ndlovu Youth Choir, South Africa "We've Got This - Fight against Coronavirus/COVID-19"

Greener transportation in Côte d’Ivoire

april 02, 2020  |   Blog   |  

Biofuel is an important element of the development of public transport in the nation's capital Abidjan.

Renetech at the International Power Summit 2020

februari 25, 2020  |   Blog   |  

Renetech attended the International Power Summit in Hamburg, February 20-21 2020, this year in part (25%, there is still potential for improvement) travelling by train. Our CEO Tom Walsh served as the chairman for one of the two days, and our CTO David Bauner gave an overview presentation on the supply and demand of electric power in four SSA countries.

Upcoming EEP call presented at popular SWEACC meeting

februari 24, 2020  |   Blog   |  

SSACC, the Sweden- Sub Saharan Africa Chamber of Commerce, held a seminar on February 19 in Stockholm regarding funding for renewable energy. NDF Project Officer Mr Jussi Viding presented the EEP call Clean Energy Powering Green Growth, with particular focus on impact driven companies working in Clean energy for productive use and Clean energy in circular economy solutions.

Solar stove development

februari 18, 2020  |   Blog   |  

Renetech and its innovation partner Sunfuria are developing sustainable cooking solutions for Kenyan schools. Recent progress (as presented on the Sunfuria homepage, scroll to "pilot test #3", and IRL in Kenya) paints a sunny picture for the near future. Here is also a direct link to a short video on the progress.

Public presentation of Biofuel study in Côte d’Ivoire

februari 12, 2020  |   Blog   |  

Results from the ongoing feasibility study on sustainable vehicle fuel in Côte d'Ivoire was presented in Abidjan on February 10, 2020.

Happy Holidays and New Decade from Renetech

december 22, 2019  |   Blog   |  

Renetech extends the greetings of the season to everyone, and wishes to thank its customers, partners, suppliers and other nice people for an excellent year. We look forward to continue the development of renewables in the 20's.

Studies on biofuel in West Africa.

december 13, 2019  |   Blog   |  

Scania announces an ongoing study to assess the feasibility to produce local biofuels from agricultural waste in Côte d'Ivoire.

Techno-economic Analysis of Energy Storage Integration for solar PV in Burkina Faso

december 04, 2019  |   Blog   |  

Mr Hamza Abid is a Master Student with KTH, pursuing a Masters in Energy Innovation at the Department of Energy Technology. He participates in the joint Master Program "Energy for Smart Cities" managed by InnoEnergy across four European universities. He has carried out his Masters Thesis with Renetech AB, developing an analysis of different options to integrate storage with PV power generation for West Africa. The following is a brief description of the project, authored by Mr Abid. We at Renetech are grateful for the support received from such a bright fellow. The rise of Africa’s population and consumerism calls for an unprecedent increase in energy demands for the continent. As per IEA Africa Energy Outlook 2019, Africa’s population is among the fastest growing and youngest in the world. One-in-two people added to the world population between today and 2040 are set to be African, and the continent becomes the world’s most populous region by 2023, overtaking China and India. One of the key challenges is to provide cheap and reliable access of sustainable energy to the growing African population. The way these energy needs are met is going to shape the continent’s future energy trends and much of global economy. (Source: IEA Africa Energy Outlook 2019) Total population by region, China, Africa, India, 2018 and growth to 2040 While the continent is becoming rapidly electrified, the challenge remains more dominant in some areas than others. Burkina Faso is one of the least electrified countries in the world, where only 9 % of the rural population has access to electricity. The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has set a target of 2030 to achieve 100% electrification in all member countries. To meet these targets with sustainable energy, the need for innovation is now more than ever imperative in the renewable landscape. Considering the same, a techno-economic analysis of pumped hydro storage and electric batteries was performed by one of the master’s thesis candidate at Renetech AB and KTH. This study presents a hypothetical conceptualization of techno-economic feasibility of pumped hydro storage (PHS) and electric batteries with solar photovoltaics (PV) in the context of Burkina Faso. The results are explored for an off grid standalone PV plus storage system for a rural ...

Renetech offering Waste-to-Energy solutions to delegation from West Africa

augusti 21, 2019  |   Blog   |  

Renetech has been presenting a system and technical solutions for waste management and waste-to-energy solutions - both for fuel and electricity as products - at a well attended SWEACC seminar on August 21, 2019. Among the participants were a delegation from West Africa. Renetech also had the opportunity to visit and test drive at the Scania facility in Södertälje the previous day.