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Foundations in place in Kenya

november 17, 2020  |   Blog   |  

Renetech and the local Ecobora team is finalizing construction of the foundations for the off-grid Institutional Solar Stove system at a boarding school with 700 students in rural Kenya. Solar collectors heat large boilers, supported by heat storage units to permit cooking before sunrise and after sunset. To save cost and energy, the solar heat is transferred by gravity, avoiding the use of conventional pumps and electric power. The picture shows the team resting and celebrating after the work is done.

Renetech – with Team Sweden in West Africa

oktober 16, 2020  |   Blog   |  

Renetech is part of Team Sweden in developing sustainable business for Swedish companies in West Africa. Not only has the partnerships brought new bus business - Business Sweden has just been awarded the 2020 World Trade Promotion Award by the International Trade Centre. See our CEO Tom Walsh in the video in this link (@ 0:56).

Biofuels for buses in West Africa

juli 17, 2020  |   Blog   |  

The transition to a sustainable regime for public transport gathers momentum. Renewables for heavy vehicles is a viable and visible means to reduce carbon emissions.

Renetech earns Solar Impulse Foundation Efficient Solution 2020 label

juli 01, 2020  |   Blog   |  

The Institutional Solar Thermal Stove system, adapted for Kenyan schools, has received an "Efficient Solution June 2020" label issued by the Solar Impulse Foundation. The applicant Renetech AB ( is set to commercialize the technology in Kenya in collaboration with its local partner Ecobora Ltd. You can read more about the innovation following this link (

Israel Biramo new intern at Renetech

juni 23, 2020  |   Blog   |  

Renetech welcomes a new Intern! Israel is a renewable energy engineer obtaining his Masters degree in Electrical Power Engineering from Dalarna University. He is with renetech from June 2020 and at least six months on. His work at renetech will be focused on solar PV and solar thermal energy conversion. We welcome Israel and look forward to collaborating towards more and better renewable energy installations in SSA and elsewhere.

Renetech partner Ecobora Ltd wins ASME ISHOW KENYA 2020 with Solar Cooking Boiler

maj 28, 2020  |   Blog   |  

In collaboration with Renetech AB and Sunfuria AB, the Kenyan company Ecobora Ltd has won (along with Inteco Kenya and Microfuse Technologies) the prestigious ISHOW Kenya 2020 Award, consisting of a cash prize and one year of coaching to progress the development of the Solar Cooking Boiler. Congratulations to Justine for the good work. We look forward to continuing the journey forward and upward to the benefit of the environment and the many thousands of rural schools in Kenya. ASME ISHOW Kenya 2020 link

Music to your lungs

april 24, 2020  |   Blog   |  

The current pandemic calls for changed behavior. Several African artists have presented brilliant takes on what is needed from us all. Please enjoy their music (click on the links below) and do your part: Y'en a Marre, Senegal "Fagaru Ci Coronavirus" Bobi Wine, Uganda "Corona Virus Alert" the Liberian president George Weah "Coronavirus Song" Sho Madjozi, South Africa "Coronavirus Song" and last, but not least, the Ndlovu Youth Choir, South Africa "We've Got This - Fight against Coronavirus/COVID-19"

Greener transportation in Côte d’Ivoire

april 02, 2020  |   Blog   |  

Biofuel is an important element of the development of public transport in the nation's capital Abidjan.

Renetech at the International Power Summit 2020

februari 25, 2020  |   Blog   |  

Renetech attended the International Power Summit in Hamburg, February 20-21 2020, this year in part (25%, there is still potential for improvement) travelling by train. Our CEO Tom Walsh served as the chairman for one of the two days, and our CTO David Bauner gave an overview presentation on the supply and demand of electric power in four SSA countries.

Upcoming EEP call presented at popular SWEACC meeting

februari 24, 2020  |   Blog   |  

SSACC, the Sweden- Sub Saharan Africa Chamber of Commerce, held a seminar on February 19 in Stockholm regarding funding for renewable energy. NDF Project Officer Mr Jussi Viding presented the EEP call Clean Energy Powering Green Growth, with particular focus on impact driven companies working in Clean energy for productive use and Clean energy in circular economy solutions.